Chalk Hill 2011 Sauvignon Blanc

Posted by Keith Wallace

A unique style of Sauvignon Blanc that typically is referred to as “Fume Blanc” saw its popularity peak in the nineties. You know, last century.

That said, this is a fantastic example of this style, offering a much more modern spring of juicy acidity and zero creaminess. We are using it at the school to show the difference between malolactic fermentation and oak aging.

Food Pairings

Outside of education, it’s a surprising food-friendly wine. It works very well with roasted chicken with lardon and Brussel sprouts. Another great pairing is a pan-seared pork chop with shiitake mushrooms. This wine loves white meat and savory sauces, especially if they are a bit salty.

Enough about the food, let’s talk about the wine.

Wine Review

The aroma is a spice bucket, with green vanilla, toasted coriander, and fresh ginger taking prominent positions. On the palate,  fresh key lime and mango meld into a hoppy grapefruit and apple skin profile. The herbs and spices come back in the finish with just enough racy acid to create an overall sensation of minerality that fades away into a wildflower finish. Very nice.

This wine was fermented and aged in older French oak casks. The Sauvignon Blanc is blended with two lesser known of the varietal’s kin:  sauvignon gris and  sauvignon musque. The grapes are sourced from Oak Hill Vineyard in Chalk Hill, a small AVA in the Russian River Valley. Oh, and did I mention this is yet another winery owned by Bill Foley? When will that guy slow down?

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  1. I’ve heard so many good things about this Sauvignon blanc, I will have to start my hunt and see if I can find it somewhere as now it’s sold out everywhere. I need to stock-up on some more dry wines with fruity notes. Bill Foley keeps on expanding his wine empire and all his investments paid off in the end.


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