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On May 14th
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A fun and delicious Moscato d'Asti that bridges the divide between fun and fashion.

Moscato has been a popular bubbly for centuries, but the last few years has seen it’s fame skyrocket in America.  It’s one of the best gateway wines: it’s bubbles and grapey sweetness is an easy entry point for new wine drinkers.  This shouldn’t be surprising. Once a generation, wine finds a new audience, and that audience always demands a bit of sweetness. The last time was in 1984, when the most popular wine (with over 11 million bottles sold) was [link id=”10305″ text=”Riunite Lambrusco”]. It was the first Italian wine most Americans had ever drunk.

Moscato has a place on every table, not just the grape rookies. It’s a fantastic wine for authentic Thai specialties like Massaman Curry. It works wonders with Korean  food, too. A personal favorite is Korean Soft Tofu with Kimchi.  Vietnamese Pho is another great option. Good ole Texas BBQ is great, too, as long as you bring the heat. Moscato loves the chili pepper.

The wine is honey and acacia flower with a bit of frothy jasmine on the attack. It moves toward a creamy jackfruit and mango punch and fresh citrus in the finish. Sweet and bubbly, for sure, with just enough complexity to keep it interesting.

The Coppo winery was founded in 1892 and has always been a major producer of Moscato d’Asti.  Piero Coppo was the first winemaker, and his  four grandsons are now running the business. A member of the fourth generation,  Max Coppo, is now the head winemaker. Max makes fantastic Moscato, but also has branched out into making very good Barbera d’Asti and Gavi La Rocca.


A fun and delicious Moscato d'Asti that bridges the divide between fun and fashion.