Byron 2012 Chardonnay, Santa Maria Valley

Posted by Keith Wallace

Byron 2012 Chardonnay Santa Maria Valley 2012
Byron 2012 Chardonnay Santa Maria Valley

Here is the knockdown over-the-top cream bomb. It will drown your sorrows in a bag of cotton candy tucked into the wheelbase of an out-of-control roller coaster. It’s a style with more devoted fans than Coldplay and gets just as little respect from everyone else.

Let’s back up a bit. Buttery Chard is an overplayed style, true, but there is a reason so many knock-offs exist. They are mimicking a classical style that is very alluring and worthwhile.

This is one of the classics. Buttery richness is counterbalanced with brilliant freshness.  The creamy texture is offset with bright notes of guava and a layer of luxurious silkiness. In the finish, a glimmer of cinnamon and vanilla peek through. And then a final note of hazelnut. Wonderful

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