Bersano 2012 “Badarina” Barolo

Posted by Keith Wallace

Bersano 2012
Bersano 2012 “Badarina” Barolo

Bersano has the largest acreage of any private winery in the Italian Piedmont. Founded in the 19th Century, Bersano originally produced wine solely in the Asti province. Over the years, they now have 230HA  of vineyards, including properties in both Barolo and Barbaresco.

The wines from Bersano come into the Chairman’s Selection program in the PA Wine & Spirits Stores on occasion, including another of their Barolo bottlings, which comes from their Nirvasco vineyard. This bottling does not come from one of their own vineyards; instead, it’s sourced from the famous Badarina vineyard in Barolo’s Serralunga province.

A beautifully structured Barolo, with a core of tannins pushing against perfumed aromas and elegant acidity. Cigar box and rich dark fruit on the palate give way to oak spices.

2 thoughts on “Bersano 2012 “Badarina” Barolo”

  1. This Barolo was the worst I’ve had in all the decades behind me. It had no body, no bouquet, no flavor and no finish. Three good $10 California wines, of any variety, would have provided more tasting satisfaction than one $30 (on sale!) bottle of this garbage.

  2. Not sure what they’re talking about. In truth, I’m not generally a fan of Barolos but thought I’d try it as a Chairman’s Selection. Yes, good aromas but my wife and I found it thin and too much like many lesser (and cheaper) Italian wines we stopped buying a long time ago. Glad I only purchased one bottle (but at the same time, I think, I purchased a bottle of an excellent-for-the-price Amarone that was of course radically different in style but a real find – thanks much for that one).


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