A Taste of Our Online Wine Classes

Posted by Keith Wallace

Want a taste of our online wine classes? I just edited our Online Wine Quizzo night into a two-minute youtube clip. It’s silly, and I am a terrible video editor, but I think you’ll like it.

This specific event was a little different from our usual classes. We had a ton of audience participation, and the winning team got a $100 gift certificate. It was the first time we had tried this, and everyone had a blast. We’ll definitely do it again. Of course, we’ll have to make the questions a bit harder next time, too.

One of the highlights of these virtual wine classes is that we get to meet so many people from across the country. We’ve also learned a wealth of skills too. We’ve learned how to light up our wine school studio property and even do two-camera shots during online classes.  And I’m (slowly) learning how to edit video and audio. I hope you enjoy this fun little video.

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