The UC Davis Diary

Posted by Keith Wallace

My former wine certification student Jenny S. is a first-year grad student in the Oenology & Viticulture Department of the University of California at Davis. Her emails about her first year have been a great read. She permitted me to reprint portions of them here. Thanks, Jenny!

I just got back from helping out at Folio, one of Michael Mondavi’s new wineries.  A first year V&E master’s girl is working there for harvest so another new girl in the program went to work with her to get a feel for the winery world (since her and I are the only 2 kids in the program with no winery experience).  It was fun.  I bulked up my biceps doing some punch downs.

I was there about 2 weeks ago when we were visiting Napa and I managed to insult the Mondavi name infront of Robert Mondavi Jr. (not knowing who he was).  Yea, leave it up to me to put my foot in my mouth … But he took it pretty well and I managed to turn it into a joke and just kept going with it.

They said they had some good laughs for the next week at my expense.  Thought you would appreciate that.  Some punk-ass Philadelphia kid coming out to Napa and telling Robert Mondavi that “the Mondavi’s like to throw their name around to get anything they want”

Jenny S

Keep ’em coming, Jenny!

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