Rutini Encuentro 2014 Chardonnay, Uco Valley

Posted by Keith Wallace

Want a retro chardonnay? Something to enjoy while listening to Hall & Oates and noshing on some baked brie? Buy a case of this and get your freak on.

Like many other Gen-Xers, I was introduced to wine in the ’90s, and that meant white wines were almost always a big buttery Chardonnay from California. Wine styles change over time, and those big plush white wines are the Tamagotchi of the wine world: a fondly remembered icon of a simpler time.

This bottle brings back memories. It is dense –can I use the word unctuous without sounding like a prat?– wine, with toasted nuts, caramel, and fresh basil on the nose. Flavors of ripe pear, quince, and burnt butter wrap into a finish of cardamom, black pepper, and vanilla. Oh, and creamy baby CREAMY.

90 Points (WSoP)

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