Robert Mondavi Winery 2014 Fume Blanc, Oakville

Posted by Keith Wallace

Robert Mondavi Winery 2014 Fume Blanc, Oakville
Robert Mondavi Winery 2014 Fume Blanc, Oakville

A Historic Napa Wine

This is a landmark bottle of Napa wines. One of those historic wines that fly under the radar these days.

Let’s let the old guard take up the description of this wine:

1968 Mondavi’s Fume Blanc is made entirely from the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety, the same that is used to make the famous Pouilly Fume from the Loire Valley of France. The first bottling was released August 1st, 1969, after 5 months in wood. It has a fine pale color, a clean nose, good…

Esquin Imports, 1968

Between Sauvignon Blanc and Fume Blanc there is no meaningfully consistent stylistic distinction. . . . According to the wine retailers I chat with regularly, California Sauvignon Blanc has rapidly become one of California’s most popular varietals. Certainly the grape does well in California’s better microclimates, and it offers a character all its own: no one would mistake a well made Sauvignon Blanc for anything else.

Robert Finigan’s Private Guide to Wines, 1975

Wine Review

This Sauvignon Blanc is largely sourced from the historic To Kalon vineyard in Napa Valley, and a small addition of Semillon to add some backbone and weight. Exotic fruit on the nose, with orange leaf and kafir lime on the palate. Bright and fresh, this is a bit fleshier than most Sauvignon Blancs, and a lovely springtime bouquet in the finish.

This will be the wine to drink with shrimp scampi or fresh lobster.

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