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On August 7th
Last modified:June 25th


Our go-to Rioja for everyday sipping.

Montecillo 2011 Reserva Rioja

Bodegas Montecillo 2011 Reserva Rioja

A 19th Century winery that still manages to put out some serious juice,  year in and year out. If you need an everyday bottle of Rioja, this will fit the bill.  Aromas of cigar box and tomato leaf; flavors of cherry, burnt vanilla, and laurel. There is plenty of fresh juicy flavors here and a pleasant grip in a medium-bodied package.

My suggestion is to grill a lamb chop to medium rare, drizzle it with high-quality olive oil and finish with some flake salt. Slice up a tomato and give it the same treatment.


Our go-to Rioja for everyday sipping.