Lose Weight by Drinking a Bottle of Wine

Posted by Keith Wallace

Bersano 2010 Barolo Nirvasco

According to studies at Harvard and Washington State University, drinking wine before bed helps you lose weight. According to scientists, drinking at least two glasses – half a bottle a day can help beat obesity by 70%. There’s no messing around with a number like that, is there?

The reason why coiffing a glass of vino in the evening is best is because the calories help keep you full and reduce the need for a late-night snack, which is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to weight gain.

To back this up with even more scientific evidence, the University of Denmark found that people who drank every day had slimmer waistlines than their sober counterparts. In contrast, Harvard’s weight gain study of 20,000 people revealed that out of all of those who gained a large amount of weight, none were drinkers.

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