Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars – Finger Lakes, NY

Posted by Keith Wallace

Set upon beautiful, well-manicured grounds, Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars has an impressive tasting room and a lovely view of Seneca Lake. They offer a standard tasting and a specialty tasting (my significant other and I shared both).

I was impressed that the tasting room staff really took the time to offer a great learning experience to the customer. For example, we selected three different Rieslings to try, and the staff member leading our tasting poured all five of their Rieslings to appreciate the similarities and differences. She also set up some side-by-side tastings showcasing different vintages and oak versus stainless steel aging.

The staff member’s generosity with both her knowledge and the wine was much appreciated, as she shared her expertise in a warm and friendly manner that made us want to learn as much as possible from the tasting. Further, our experience with the various wines ultimately helped us to decide on which wines to purchase. A win for the customer and the seller.

After our tasting, we found the two picnic tables on their grounds and had lunch. An amazing view, friendly and knowledgeable wine staff and a unique learning opportunity all made this a fabulous winery experience.

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