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Posted by Keith Wallace

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Veramonte Primus

It’s always a lovely red from Colchagua Valley in Chile. A very high-quality red with fine currant, mineral, and tobacco flavors.

Monte Quieto Reserva

I thought the Primus was a good deal until I discovered the Monte Quieto from Mendoza in Argentina. This is a staggeringly good wine—aromas of cedar, allspice, and graphite show off its pedigree. Black cherry and cassis turn lush and savory with an excellent finish and great depth on the palate.

Veramonte Chardonnay Reserva

What is the nature of perfection? If you think it’s seamless joy without the taint of self-knowledge, then this wine is for you. This is perhaps the most perfectly drinkable wine I have had in several years. It’s a tad too rich for summer sipping, so keep it for a cool night.

Familia Zuccardi Chardonnay Viognier Serie A

A nice blend that marries the lushness of chardonnay with the peach and aromatics of the Viognier.

Familia Zuccardi Bonarda Serie A

Bonarda is the friendliest red around. Simple and fruity and appealing. Really great for parties where you want a wine that almost everyone will enjoy.

Anciano Reserva

As the Bondarda is simple, this is complex. This is definitely a go-to wine for lovers of rustic flavors. There is plenty of pleasing red fruit, but the bitter chocolate and wet leaves dominate.

Copain L’hiver Syrah

Copain winemaker Wells Guthrie is a folk hero at the Wine School, and we buy all his wines. He is one of the greats, and the prices charged for his wines reflect that. Sadly, this wine is no longer being produced.

Peachy Canyon Westside Zinfandel

This winery produces a lot of wine, mostly zins and zin blends. Generally, they are kinda bland. This bottle, almost always bucks that trend. With fruit coming from some of the cooler vineyards in Paso Robles, it has a savory and burning sage quality that turns it into something very special.

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