Jean Cavaille 2016 “Cep Noir Vielles Vignes” Apremont, Savoie

Posted by Keith Wallace

Jean Cavaille 2016 Cep Noir Vielles Vignes Apremont, Savoie
Jean Cavaille 2016 Cep Noir Vielles Vignes Apremont, Savoie

Sometimes you find a great bottle using a wine heuristic.  Sometimes is simply picking up a bottle from a beloved-but-obscure wine region. The Apremont region in the Savoie department in France makes delicious light wines, pretty as a filigree of sunlight on a glacier. Very little of it is imported into America. When I see a bottle, I buy a bottle.

Jean Cavaille

This producer isn’t well known in the states. Jean Cavaille is a negotiant and wine promoter based in Savoie. They bottle a few wines under their own label, but they mostly work with other wineries around France and Italy. Despite that, they’ve been around since 1949 and one of the few companies to promote wines from Apremont.

Wine Review

The grape here is Jacquère which can make elegant and ethereal white wines from older vineyards, like this bottle. A pretty nose of lemongrass and  Lily of the Valley. A touch of spice on the palate, with light and supple orchard fruit flavors. An expressive style with rich notes and a fine length.

Pan-seared sea scallops with a lobster-chorizo sauce is a perfect pairing.

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