Infinito 2014 “Winemaker’s Selection” Malbec, Mendoza

Posted by Keith Wallace

Infinito Winemaker's Selection Malbec Mendoza 2014
Infinito Winemaker’s Selection Malbec Mendoza 2014

A Mystery Bottle

Out of nowhere, a 90-plus rated wine shows up on the wine shelves at the local wine & spirits store.  As a wine critic, I like to know who makes the wine. I know there isn’t a winery named Infinito anywhere in Argentina, so who should we credit for this well-priced beauty?

Tracking the Exporter

Well, it’s time to turn into Wino-Sherlock. All I have is the small print on the label. ,  the bottler code:  INV A-73337. Several wines from the exporter Vino Del Sol show under that bottler code, so I am pretty sure this is a control brand that they commissioned.  Their partner in the United States is Tri-Vin Imports of New Rochelle, NY. All that’s left is to figure out which of the wineries they have under contract would have made this beauty.

Tracking the Shipments

That bottler code is registered to the address ROQUE SÁENZ PEÑA 8650. LAS COMPUERTAS, LUJÁN DE CUYO, MENDOZA. I Google Map the results, and that is the address to Bodega Lamadrid. Sure enough, it’s one of Vino Del Sol’s wineries. Bullseye!  This family-run producer is responsible for the Durigutti and Lamadrid labels.

This bottling is a step-up from those labels, which means this is probably a selection of the top barrels from both those lines.  Thank you Bodega Lamadrid for this great Malbec!

Wine Review

Rested in French oak for over a year. Aromas of cracked pepper and dark fruit. Pencil shavings and crushed violets emerge with decanting. The tannins here are smooth but impressively firm. A balance of freshness keeps the chocolate and melted licorice from overpowering the structure. Well done.

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