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Future of Australia Wines

Posted by on June 11th

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What with their over-reliance on mass-marketing lower-end products (damned critter wines!); and, of course, they are relying heavily on those high ratings that Robert Parker so lovingly gave to those big bad-boy Shiraz’s; yep,  they kind of leaned on that too.   Now sales to Britain and the U.S. are down, and the dollar?  That’s leveled out as well.

Which all adds up to:  The Australian wine industry is in some trouble.

As The New Times reports, Australians are going to have to pull back before recovery can begin.  (Thank god for the Asian market, where Australian wines are still new phenomena).  Still, this is bad news for growers, winemakers, and winery owners alike.  The most likely scenario is that wineries will have to merge, vines will be uprooted, and many jobs will be lost. Read more here.

And perhaps enjoy a nice Torbreck GSM while you’re at it.

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