Crocus 2015 “Le Calcifere” Malbec de Cahors

Posted by Keith Wallace

$19.99 (FWGS) 95 Points (WSoP)

This is what you get when you take two great winemakers and toss them into the most underrated wine region in France.

Paul Hobbs is a freaking legend who gained international fame for his Napa and Sonoma wines. He’s gone on to make insanely great wines in upstate New York, Argentina, Armenia, Northwest Spain, and now Cahors in SW France. Bertrand Gabriel makes legendary Cahors wines, including Château de Mercues, Château de Haute-Serre, and Château Leret Monpezat.

Starting with aromas of wilted hibiscus, crushed stone, and burnt vanilla, this wine is a bridge between the complex minerality displayed by great Cahors wines and the divine hedonism of the top Argentinian Malbecs. Blackberry reduction, allspice, and melted chocolate on the palate are balanced with gravel-like tannins.

Buy a case and hold for up to six years. Pair with a ribeye grilled medium-rare and finished with olive oil.

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