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On April 8th
Last modified:October 31st


A great value Bordeaux from the satellite region of Castillon.

Hmm. Seems like the chateau owner may be in a financial pickle. First, her bottlings from Chateau Ambe Tour Pourret showed up in the PLCB system at stark discounts. That was some great Bordeaux for the money, and was featured here a while ago. Now, this bottling from another of their properties pops up as a Chairman’s Selection in PA. This type of inventory dumping doesn’t happen unless someone in the distribution chain needs some quick money. I did a bit of sleuthing between sips, and it’s likely because they are swapping importers every few years. (from Superb Wine International, to Fruit of the Vine, to ???).

This bottle hails from the Bordeaux satellite region of Castillon, a personal favorite spot for quality and value. Françoise Lannoye has done wonders in developing this chateau over the past decade, and it really shows in this vintage. Aromas of dark fruit with cedar and sage components. Asian five-spice and toasted coriander move through the ripe flavors of cherry and plum. This wine is structured to develop gracefully over the next few years. I expect another year in bottle will show even more delight than what shows today.

A great value Bordeaux from the satellite region of Castillon.