Bodegas La Magdalena 2011 “Sueno” Tempranillo

Posted by Keith Wallace

Ribera del Jucar is one of a dozen unknown yet exemplary wine regions in Spain. It’s an ancient wine region that was under vine during the Roman Empire. But it’s also one of the newest; it was only granted its Denominación de Origen in 2003. Before that, it was only labeled as an anonymous La Mancha wine.

Bodega La Magdelena is the local co-operative and has been producing bulk wine since 1958.  There are about 300 wineries involved which collectively own about 700 hectares of vineyards. This is a common means of wine production for small wineries in economically strained wine regions.  It’s been the standard in Europe for decades. Such projects are often based on high-volume production but can also produce outstanding wines when they decide to.

The co-op partnered with a viticultural consulting firm,  Majuelos de Espana, to create the wine from a few select Tempranillo vineyards for this wine.

Wine Review of Bodegas La Magdalena 2011 “Sueno” Tempranillo

This wine is proof positive that Spanish wines are absurdly undervalued in the American marketplace. This is a monolithic bottle of wine with just the right amount of grace. The aroma drips with basil, charred fruit, and smokey cinnamon. A touch of round earthiness spins out into the galaxy.   The palate is licorice, damson plum, fireplace embers, and blueberry. Its richness and thick round tannins ebb in the mid-palate then rise in a crescendo in the finish of burnt cedar and mineral. 93 Points. 

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