Bodega Valdehermoso 2015 “Lagar del Rey” Rueda

Posted by Keith Wallace

Bodega Valdehermoso 2015
Bodega Valdehermoso 2015 “Lagar del Rey” Rueda

Until 2011, Bodega Valdehermoso was just that: just a house. They grew grapes on their 120 acres and sold off the harvest. Their juice ended up in the region’s top wines, including Bodega El Albar Lurton. They had done so since 1920, long before the region of Rueda was popular for its light and refreshing wines.

A singular Rueda, it offers aromas of fennel pollen and poached pear. Flavors of crisp mango and toasted almonds are lifted with a squirt of grapefruit. Fleshy for this style,  but still refreshing.  Best with a trout almandine or a fresh goat’s cheese.

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