Bodega Pujanza 2015 “Hado” Rioja

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Bodega Pujanza 2015 “Hado” Rioja
Bodega Pujanza 2015 “Hado” Rioja

Bodegas y Viñedos Pujanza

There is a solar system of wineries rotating around the ancient walled city of Laguardia in Alavesa, Rioja. At the outer limits is the massive Calatrava-designed Bodega Ysios.    The inner rings of the wineries include Artadi and Palacio, and Pujanza.  Even at the sunfilled center of town lies Bodega El Fabulista and its narrow underground tunnels.

Bodegas y Viñedos Pujanza is new by Rioja standards, having been founded in 1998.  They own four vineyards near Laguardia. Finca Valdepoleo, Finca  Norte, Finca Valcabada, and San Juan de Anteportalatina.  Each of the vineyards is bottled separately, has an extraordinary reputation, and is priced accordingly.

With the economic difficulties in Spain emerging in the past decade, Pujanza started releasing a lower-priced wine. The Hado is a blend of their 40 hectares of vineyards, from vines 35 years old and younger. Since then, it’s been a go-to Rioja for those looking for high-quality and affordable Rioja.

The Wine Review

2015 was a hot year, with harvest coming in three weeks early than normal. The low pH and just-ripe skins offer an edgier style than most vintages—Juniper and Belgian chocolate on the nose, with an undercurrent of fresh leather. The palate is an intriguing balance of crisp red fruit and the lushness of a  full-bodied red.  Red currant and licorice on the finish.

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