Trimbach 2000 Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive, Alsace

Posted by Keith Wallace

I’ve been reviewing ancient vines and vineyards recently. The theme continues with this bottling from Trimbach. The winery itself dates back 12 generations, and its vineyards are some of the best Grand Crus in Alsace. This bottling is primarily sourced from the Grand Cru vineyard of Osterberg in Ribeauvillé.

Vendange Tardive denotes a lateharvest wine, which means the grapes are not harvested until they dry into semi-raisins on the vines. They are then cool-fermented over several months. This an Auslese-level of sweetness, which makes it sweet but NOT a dessert wine. The residual sugar is at the same level as a Belgian abbey ale, making it perfect for many food pairings.

Crushed flowers, lychee, and apricot arrive on the nose with a hint of Asian spices. Flavors are glorious here, with red fruits, orange peel, and fennel pollen. The acidity is hightoned and races through the center of the wine, preventing it from turning flabby. For a great experience, try this with washed rind cheeses.

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