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Our monthly wine newsletter offers a first look at our internationally recognized wine reviews and ratings. Get the scoop on happenings at the Wine School along with the occasional sale or celebrity appearance.

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Our newsletter readership has grown exponentially. In 2001, we started with 100 people on our list. After five years, it  reached over 10,000 wine lovers in and around Philadelphia. Now, we reach over 40,000 people worldwide .

What do you get? You get our a monthly wine newsletter with a first look at our wine reviews and ratings, as well as coupons and discounts for upcoming classes and programs. The newsletter will also features the best wine buys available at the moment.

Once you register, we will send you a confirmation email. You must click on the confirmation email link to receive the newsletter. The school also publishes our [link id=”17800″ text=”wine reviews”]here on our website. However, those ratings are published weeks afterwards. Our newsletter readers always get the first crack at picking up wines.

All reviews are written by Keith Wallace. Keith was named one of the top 5 sommeliers in Philadelphia. He is a trained winemaker with a bestselling wine book ([link id=”4905″ text=”Corked & Forked”]) under his belt. He is an editorial reader for the University of California at Davis, has contributed to the Windows on the World Complete Wine Course  and  The New Wine Lover’s Companion, 3rd Edition. He has also written for Philly Beer Scene, the Daily Beast, and many other publications.