Fattoria Le Pupille 2019 Morellino di Scansano

Posted by Keith Wallace

A quick Italian wine lesson: When you see an Italian wine labeled as “Blah Blah” di “Blah Blah,” it always means “This Grape” from “This Place.” The phrase Morellino di Scansano indicates this is the Morellino grape (a synonym for Sangiovese) from Scansano, a region on the Tuscan coast.

Wine Review

The Tuscan coast is warmer than Chianti, and the wines are lusher and more fruit-forward. This bottling offers up dense blackberries flecked with toasted spices and burnt earth. The finish turns toward sage and red fruit—a bottle of great everyday wine and a great value.

Wine Rating

89 Points | Purchased for $10.99 in Pennsvyania. Pricing and range upwards of $15.

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