Foundation (L2) Online Wine Course

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Train your palate and discover what the world of wine holds for you. Level One Certification Required. 


The Essential Step For Your Wine Diploma

The world of wine is built on the foundation of taste. The top professionals in the food, wine, and hospitality industries understand this: the committed student of wine must learn this. To stand tall in the wine world, the student must learn to unravel the hidden flavors of wine and speak the language of the senses.

The Wine School is a great place to build knowledge and pursue your passion. Jonathan Newman, Former Chairman of the PLCB

Most wine enthusiasts remain tourists of the grape: they drink and enjoy without ever knowing the greater joys hidden just below the surface. The Foundation Course is your key to unlocking that world. With it, you just may be able to turn a mere hobby into a deeply passionate and highly creative calling.

The Foundation program is truly a unique and enjoyable learning experience… it is the only chemistry class you will fall in love with. Bob Pigeon, Executive Editor of De Capo Press.

In a single semester, students will learn the techniques and knowledge to become extraordinary wine tasters. Graduates are able to identify major wine varietals in a blind tasting: a skill many seasoned sommeliers cannot accomplish.

Course Contents:

  • The Science of Wine
  • Understanding White Wines
  • Old World and New World Styles
  • Understanding Red Wines
  • Wine Components
  • Introduction to Winemaking
  • Blind Tasting

After our eight-class program, you will be taught to taste wine with higher proficiency than most sommeliers. The final exam of this program is a series of blind tastings along with a multiple-choice exam. It is expected that our graduates will be able to identify the varietal, style, and region of every wine presented in the blind tasting. We currently have a 91% pass rate. At-home study prior to both the written exam and blind tasting is highly recommended.  


To take this program online, you must complete the L1 Wine Course.  Please do not purchase for anyone but yourself: purchasing this course will automatically enroll you (the purchaser) at the National Wine School. All registrations are final.  


By attending our wine programs online, you enjoy a significant discount. However, there may be additional costs for this online wine program. You are required to supply wine and have a National Wine School L2 tasting kit. Wine costs can be kept at a negligible level if the student invests in a wine preservation device like the Coravin. Otherwise, the wine cost can exceed $500. Wine preservation tools like the Coravin are tools all wine professionals should own.

Foundation Wine Course Online
Foundation (L2) Online Wine Course
Original price was: $500.00.Current price is: $450.00.