Domaine Durand 2011 Premices Cornas

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On February 5, 2014
Last modified:April 8, 2014


A luxuriously delicious wine.

Domaine Durand is an old family estate that was taken over by the dynamic duo of two brothers, Eric and Joel Durand, in 1991. It’s a small, 13 hectare property that straddles the wine regions of Cornas and St. Joseph. Here, the approach to winemaking is modern and minimalist. Their moderate yields and judicious use of new oak frame their remarkable wines perfectly.

Deep layers of black currant, burnt sandalwood, and fennel open into a loose framework of rosemary, garrigue, and laurel. The rich weight of creamy tannin and lilac are ladled over a luscious core of blackberries. A luxuriously delicious wine.

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