The Gin And Cocktail Class

The Gin & Cocktail Class

In this tasting class, we study the historical arch of gin. From the Netherlands to Manhattan, gin styles have evolved over history, and so have the cocktails that made gin famous. …

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Luxury Tequila & Cocktails

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican culture that means many things to many people. But to us, it’s all about that famous blue agave juice from Jalisco, more commonly …

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Luxury Rum Class

Rare Rums & Exotic Cocktails

Are you ready to dive into the glamorous but all-so-slightly seedy world of rum?  This class features rare and beautiful rums and a lesson on building the perfect rum cocktail.At the …

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Frontpage Hero For Wine School Of Philadelphia

Tequila Cocktails!

Punch Drunk BlancoServes approximately 204 fresh stalks of lemongrass, rough chop3-in. piece of peeled ginger, rough chop2 large pineapples, cut into chunks1½ L. of tequila blanco92 oz. pineapple juice (or another tropical juice)2 …

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Abbott Label

Old Philly Bitters

That is a Classic Bitters AdvertisementOne of the best results of the Pre-Prohibition cocktail trend was the re-discovery of bitters. It’s great to see some of the classic bitters being embraced …

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