Havens Winery 2014 Merlot, Napa Valley

Posted by Keith Wallace

Havens Winery 2014 Merlot Napa Valley
Havens Winery 2014 Merlot Napa Valley

A stellar bottle of Napa red.  All you merlot haters should pick up a bottle to see how wrong you can be. If Tom Hardy were a bottle of wine, he would be a bottle of this juice: muscular, dramatic, and brooding.  Toasted spice, Belgian truffle, and creme de cassis.

A famous wine writer said “the 2014 Merlot from Havens Winery remarkably celebrated their 30th vintage in Napa.” Sure, the sentence structure is a bit awkward, but the main point that the winery has been around for 30 years is a bit misleading.  Havens Winery went bankrupt years ago (I used to work there).  The former Havens facility in Napa is now owned by Trinchero Family Estates. Joel Gott is making wine there now. The Havens label –which includes this wine– is now part of Stonehedge Winery.

That is pretty common these days. Wineries come and go, but the name sticks around. Just ask poor old Charles Shaw.

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