Buena Vista 2006 Pinot Noir Ramal Road, Carneros

Posted by Keith Wallace

Carneros wine review

Grown at the very bottom of Carneros, which also happens to be the very top of San Pablo Bay (let that be a lesson in geography for you)

I can imagine some Hollywood exec driving around LA in a  silver Bentley Continental. He’s in the back seat, drinking this wine from the bottle. He’s probably just leaving a meeting with Drea De Matteo and Michael Imperioli, pitching a “Sopranos in Space” musical. The meeting went well.

While most of us will never have that moment to celebrate (if that would be the correct word) in our lives, this is definitely an opulent and showy style of Pinot Noir that is a better fit as a showcase than with a meal.

This is to say; this isn’t a typical Pinot Noir. Full-bodied with dense dark fruit and french roast coffee notes. Silky texture unfolds with sweet cherry, and cardamon notes that turn toward cola and licorice. The finish pushes forward with milk chocolate and a refreshing edge of minerality and perfume.

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