Bodegas Ego 2012 “Infinito” Jumilla

Posted by Keith Wallace

Bodegas Ego 2012 Infinito Jumilla
Bodegas Ego 2012 Infinito Jumilla

Wow. Wow. WOW. It’s hard to use words like unctuous without sounding like an idiot. It’s hard to say brilliant and amazing and perfect without sounding like a dispossessed lover seeking salvation.

It’s also hard to write a coherent wine review when a tasting pour turns into downing half a bottle of this delicious monster. Let’s be real: I drink for a living and have been writing wine reviews for a decade now. I never drink more than a taste of the half dozen or so bottles I taste every day. This one, though, broke through my jaded exterior and sunk in its claws, deep.

A dense and chewy red with flavors that sound like a grown-up version of a candy store: Belgian chocolate, cherry cream soda, vanilla, allspice, and strawberry cake.

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13 thoughts on “Bodegas Ego 2012 “Infinito” Jumilla”

  1. The PLCB just purchased 1500 cases of the Ego Infinito 2012 in the Chairman Selection Program. We also negotiated a better price. It will retail at 16.99, It should be in over the next 6-8 weeks. Thanks Steve Pollack

    • Why are you advertising like 58 dollars off?? Its about 20-22 everywhere else :P

      Picked up a bottle and excited to try :)

      • I totally agree. It is very misleading to quote a price of $75. for the 2016 vintage when it can be purchased for $16.99 at many locations. It is very difficult to purchase a 93 for $16.99. Be honest. Do not misrepresent.

    • Hello

      I think you are exaggerating the quoted price of this wine at $75. You can buy this wine in many stores for $16.99. I am speaking of the 2016 vintage. The wine is very good. I don’t think you should be touting the quoted price as $75. This is very misleading. It gives me the understanding that the bottle is worth $75. I would appreciate a response to this email. I am an avid wine collector and purchase hundreds of dollars of your wines annually.

      Martin J Theil

  2. Having a very difficult time
    finding this wine. I was told
    by the Pa liquor control board
    that it is no longer available
    in the U.S. Is this true?


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