COVID Protocols (2021)

The city of Philadelphia requires us to verify COVID vaccination status. Anyone who is fully immunized against COVID can attend classes without a mask or any other restrictions with evidence of your COVID vaccination. Anyone who is not fully vaccinated is still permitted to attend, with some limitations.

covid regulation at the wine school


Vaccinated Students

  • You will be required to show proof of vaccination before entering the school.
  • Arrive 15 minutes ahead of class start time.

Unvaccinated Students

There are many reasons people are unvaccinated, including being immunocompromised. We endeavor to keep these students as safe as our vaccinated members. Any unvaccinated student MUST contact us via email ( at least three business days ahead of their class date. Any unvaccinated student MUST sign a waiver of liability and agree to our protocols, which may include proof of the following:

  • Arrive 30 minutes ahead of class start time.
  • A recent negative COVID test result.
  • The absence of COVID symptoms such as fever, the inability to smell, or blood oxygen levels.
  • A liability waiver.
  • Any other protocol the Wine School believes is necessary to protect its students and staff.

Unvaccinated students also must agree to sit in our reserved section and wear a mask for the duration of the class. If a student fails to follow any of these rules, they will forfeit their seat in the class. No refunds will be issued. Failure to contact the school via email ( at least three business days ahead of their class date will also result in forfeiture of their seats.

Safety Protocols

The school uses state-of-the-art air sanitization and sensors to keep our students safe.

  • HEPA Air Filtration
  • UV Air Sterilization
  • MERV 13 Air Scrubbers
  • Air Quality Sensors

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  1. We are both vaccinated and will HAPPILY bring our vaccine cards. Thank you for doing all you are doing to ensure we are as safe as possible!

    I visited SA in June/July of 2018 and LOVED their wines. We are very excited to attend this class/tasting!

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