Elias Mora 2012 “Descarte” Toro (Spain)

Posted by Keith Wallace

I had a student recently who was adamant that I was too partial to Italian wines.  I was surprised at the comment, but he’s a smart guy who comes to many classes and an avid reader of the newsletter. I love all great wine regions, but in my heart, my favorite has always been Spain.  Do I not share all my favorite Spanish wines? Am I keeping certain wines all to myself?

I apologize for my selfishness. I am breaking that habit, starting now.

This massive and explosive red may be the best wine under $40 I have had in years. The blue fruit is deep, and the balsam woodsy notes are layered with licorice and melting chocolate. Crushed lavender and white flowers and dark earths are the finish of this wine and the finish of my brain. You really should drink this.

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