Cooking & Pairing Classes

All things Corked & Forked

Cooking Classes

Demonstration cooking classes held in our posh classroom.  Learn how to prepare simple, delicious meals  under the tutelage of Keith Wallace. Each dish is paired with a selection of wines from one of our top sommelier-instructors.

Pairing Classes

Get your sommelier on with these classes.  We offer a wide variety of pairing classes: From the notorious Sommelier Smackdown to the always popular cheese pairing classes, and our classic food & wine pairing class.  We also offer Chocolate Pairing classes; a Beef, Beer & Bourbon class, and many other delicious ways to learn.

Wine and Chocolate Pairing

May 14th at 4:00 pm

Wine and chocolate are natural partners. Pairing chocolate with sympathetic wine flavors will make your mouth happier than it's ever been. In this special class, we are pairing  our favorite chocolates with some of our favorite wine styles.   You (and your mom) will discover tastes in the chocolate that only a  perfect wine pairing

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Artisanal Wine & Cheese Pairing

wine and cheese pairing

June 15th at 7:30 pm

The marriage of wine and cheese is older than dirt, and a whole lot tastier! Crafting the perfect wine and cheese pairing is a skill everyone should have. After all, it's easier than cooking but just as creative. In this class, we introduce wine and cheese pairings that range from the solidly traditional to

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Beef, Beer & Bourbon

beef beer bourbon

June 18th at 6:00 pm

The first annual Beef Beer & Bourbon class is upon us! In this tasting class, we do something we probably should do more than once a year: create amazing pairings with three of our favorite things.In this class, you will get to experience the recipes & pairings from our bestselling cookbook "[link

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Cook & Corks: Food & Wine Pairing

food and wine pairing

June 22nd at 7:30 pm

The art of food and wine pairing is a specialty at the Wine School. After all, we are the folks who created the two most popular food & wine classes in Philadelphia: the Sommelier Smackdown, and the Corked & Forked series of cooking classes.

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