Digital Grade Transfer Initiative

Wine School of Philadelphia (WSoP) to National Wine School (NWS)

Purpose and Benefits: The Wine School of Philadelphia is embarking on an exciting transition, moving all student records from our internal system to the National Wine School (NWS) platform. This significant change aligns us with university standards and offers numerous benefits.

Future-Proof Credentialing

  • Longevity and Accessibility: Digital credentials are not subject to physical degradation and can be accessed from anywhere, ensuring that graduates can showcase their achievements indefinitely.
  • Security: Digital records are stored securely, reducing the risk of loss, theft, or damage associated with paper records.

Professional Advancement

  • Recognition of Credit Hours: The digitization includes professional credit hours for completed courses, which can be crucial for career advancement, further education, and fulfilling continuing education requirements in certain professional contexts.
  • Enhanced Employment Opportunities: Electronic verification makes it easier for employers to validate the credentials of potential hires, enhancing the employability of NWS graduates.

Educational Resources

  • Transcripts and School Records: Access to digital transcripts and detailed school records allows for a transparent review of academic performance, which can be beneficial for applications to advanced studies or professional opportunities.
  • Access to Online Accreditation: This facilitates continued learning and professional development, enabling graduates to pursue further education and specialization without geographical constraints.

Advanced Opportunities

  • Pathway to Higher Credentials: Digitization provides a structured path towards Advanced and Master-level credentials, opening up opportunities for further specialization and recognition in the field of wine education.
  • Integration with Advanced Programs: Graduates gain access to online programming for which they have attended in person, allowing them to complete any outstanding exams or projects and progress in their certification levels.

Community and Networking

  • Access to a Wide Range of Tools: The digitization project offers tools designed to assist in wine education and employment, including credential verification, social sharing, and more, fostering a community of professionals.
  • National Database Integration: Being part of the largest database of sommelier students in the United States enhances networking opportunities, connecting students with peers, mentors, and industry leaders.

In essence, opting for digitization opens a realm of opportunities for NWS students and alumni. It not only secures their academic achievements in a modern format but also significantly enhances their professional visibility, accessibility to advanced educational resources, and integration into a broader community of wine professionals. This initiative represents a crucial step towards aligning wine education with contemporary digital standards, offering a robust foundation for both personal and professional development within the industry.

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