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COVID SAFETY & The Wine School

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And We Are Going To Keep It That Way

Have you noticed there are two types of people in our COVID-19 world?   I have one neighbor whose entire reason to exist is to walk up to me and talk about the news of the day. Just what I wanted, a pandemic synopsis by someone without poor personal boundaries. The rest of my neighbors run across the street when they see me, pulling up their masks like I am an overweight Attila the Hun with halitosis.

Which are you? The walker-upper or the runner-away? It doesn’t seem like there are many people in between these two camps.

One Tough Grandma

A few days ago, I was walking my dogs and ran into one of my older neighbors. She just came from hiking a local trail, the same one she has for the past 30 years. Despite being in her seventies, she can easily knock out a mile or two. Before she set out, she took precautions like charging her phone, packing sanitizer, and bringing a second mask, just in case the first one broke.  She was halfway into a pine forest when a band of bicyclists barreled down on her. None were wearing masks.

She got away unscathed, but she was shaken. As she was telling me this story, another neighbor ( the walker-upper) started getting agitated. Why didn’t she just stay at home if she was worried? Those cyclists were just out getting exercise, after all. And a mask won’t save your life, donchaknow?

Masking The Feels

Neither of these instincts –fear or fearlessness– is rational: we are all idiots in the face of a pandemic. If we are honest with ourselves, how could it be otherwise?  But I think we all have the same goal:  to get out of our homes and get on with life. When it comes down to re-opening Philadelphia, our opposing instincts will make it harder to accomplish.

Personally, that’s why I wear a mask and keep my six feet of distance. When someone sees me walking down the street, I want them to feel safe. That’s the philosophy I have moving forward with opening the school: everyone should feel safe & happy here. We are staying shut until we are legally allowed to open, but we aren’t waiting until then to be the safest place on earth.

wine fire extinguisher
This product actually exists. I can’t believe it: https://safe-t.us/products/wine

Safety and the Wine School

The school has always been a place where people feel safe and have a great time.  In the era of COVID-19, we are going to keep that 20-year trend going. Here is how we are going to keep you safe once Philly is open again.

  • Each classroom desk is equipped with a sneeze/cough guard.
  • All classes are limited to 50% of capacity, to maximize distancing.
  • Instructors wear PPE when within six feet of any student.
  • Prior to every class, classrooms are disinfected AND sterilized.
  • Students and teachers are screened for potential infection prior to entering the school.
  • No-Touch facilities have been installed. Sinks, Toilets, and soap dispensers are all motion activated.
  • No-Touch sanitizer stations are located at bathrooms and entrances.
  • Students must wear masks upon entering and maintain social distancing.

These are the strict and comprehensive guidelines we are complying with. We do this because we want everyone to feel safe and enjoy spending a few hours at the Wine School. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post in the comment section below.

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