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Having worked for thirty years in the wine trade, I’ve come to appreciate my mentors. As a winemaker,  I’ve worked with many great consultants, and eventually become one myself.

Without the help of wine consultants, some of them never would have been considered “outstanding producers” by wine critic Robert Parker. Harvard Business Review

When opening the  Wine School in 2001,  I relied on my mentors to keep my vision afloat.  If it wasn’t for them and a few business coaches, I would not have been able to succeed.

Google’s Eric Schmidt says his best advice to new CEOs is to get a coach, and former Intuit CEO Steve Bennett believes coaches are vital to ongoing professional development. Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, and even Barack Obama have all reported using coaches on a regular basis to advance in their careers  Inc. Magazine.

 Are you trying to pass a sommelier exam? You can be mentored by the person whose job is to develop such exams.

 While she passed the extensive blind tastings and written exams (in the sommelier exam… it took four attempts and a performance coach go get her through the final service exam. Forbes Magazine. 

Do you want to start your own business in the wine trade? We’ve helped build and support dozens of successful wine-centric companies. Do you want help with your wine career?  We are famous for getting our students into top-tier positions. 

If you want to get to the top, you need a coach. In the past, I was a leader’s secret weapon. Now, a coach is accepted as a must-have for people in the top of their field – Ginger Jenks, Magellan Enterprises

If you want to succeed in the wine world, we will help you do it.