The Phillies or the debate?  It was a tough question, and one in which I decided to ponder while pouring generous and often for myself and loved one (who, for the record, was clearly opting Phillies).  And so it was that I sauntered to the cocktail cabinet and espied that perfect debating/philly kicking dodger-heiney drink:  Bourbon.  Woodford Reserve.  Two fingers poured over one solitary ice cube. 

A good call seeing that when the games began, both Rollins and McCain came out flying.  No worries, (bourbon does that to me sometimes.  you know, makes me forget my worrying) as Obama easily caught some of Johnny’s pop-ups.  While over in L.A., Furcal just kept dropping and losing sight of the ball.   

All told, the baseball was better.  And the Phillies are going to The Series.  The debates?  A bit bumpier, with McCain’s typical erratic behavior on show, and Obama a little too complacent for my liking.  But the bourbon was smooth.  Even heartwarming.  And, as said, the Phillies are going to The Show.

Oh, as for what Joe the plumber would do…..turns out he may not even be registered to vote.