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      Mary Jo Shoop

      Hello! I am very excited that I received my certification in the mail today! I Also received a second envelope that was not sealed and it was empty! I’m assuming this was the envelope that contained my pin. Whoever sent it didn’t peel the sticker to seal it. It most likely fell out in transit. Am I able to have another one sent to me? I can send a picture if that would be helpful. Thank you. Mary Jo Shoop

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      Lisa McGirr

      Hi JoJo
      Congratulations! Same thing happened to me also! Received my certificate but other envelope was never sealed and nothing inside. Keith please advise us. Thank you!

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      Hi Folks,

      Thanks for letting us know. That is quite strange!

      So what was delivered was an empty envelope from the NWS with the peel off strip still affixed? Or is it possible the envelope had been tampered with?

      In the meantime, I’ll put in an order for you both to receive another pin.

      Apologies for the inconvenience.

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      This happened to me as well. The seal strip on the envelope was never peeled off, so I don’t think it was tampered with. Can you send a new one to me as well? Thanks!

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      Hi Philip,
      The seal strip was still on. Someone must have thought they were ready to go and dropped all envelopes in the mail.
      Thanks for your help!

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      This happened to me as well.


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      Sorry, Jenn. I’ll make sure a replacement is sent out.

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      Philip, not sure if you saw my note above but can you send me a new pin as well?

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      Hi, I know im late to this thread, but my package also was sent unsealed and with no pin inside. Can I be sent a new pin as well please? Thank you.

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      Sure, Meredith. Thanks for letting us know.


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