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      I am having technical issues on my end to register for Wine teacher / speaking course.
      When I click to “Add Ticket” the site redirects me to the shopping cart to check out, and then shows cart as empty.
      maybe this is an issue for other people too?
      either way – I would like to register for this course with my coupon.

      thank you kindly in advance for taking the time to look into this.

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      Keith had asked you for an accounting of all items you’ve purchased with your gift code back in December. We will need that in order to answer your question.


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      Robert Rinaldi

      Hi Keith,

      my records show I have used the code for 3 classes.
      1 for Foundations (already taken)
      1 for Intermediate (taking now)
      1 for Winemaker Certification in October 2020.

      I would like to use the code for the teacher certificate and Also the food / wine pairing course held later in 2020.

      thank you for the timely response.

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      That is not a full accounting. For example, the Sonoma trip which you cancelled.

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      Robert Rinaldi

      yes it wAs canceled.
      Since that is being brought up – what is the issue?

      Do I not get the coupon back?

      The bottom line is by February 2020 I will have paid full Tuition.
      I have completed 1 course
      I am pending 1 course
      I am scheduled for 1 course wine maker

      3 courses.

      What do you need me to do here.

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      We simply need an accounting of everything you used it for. I mentioned the trip because I was recently informed that you had cancelled; however, your response did not include it.

      Kindly send to us every order you have placed using the code since receiving it. Include all order numbers, the date, and cost.

      That is the only way we can resolve your issues.

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      Pasta cooking class with wine pairing for April 2
      master of American wine for april 6
      are showing up in upcoming classes tab – they both need to be voided / canceled.

      the enhanced core wine program from may 12 is showing up as upcoming, however this was completed already.
      wine making coarse for October 19 is correct for upcoming.

      I am currently in the intermediate however this is not showing up in my course history.

      to reitierate –
      1 class foundations (taken already)
      1 class intermediate (pending)
      1 class winemaker ( registered for October 2020

      3 total.

      I would like to enroll in the teacher course in 2020 to make it 4 courses total.

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      We are trying to help you, but you aren’t doing what we ask.

      You must go through every order you have made (under orders in your account). You must account for every class and program you have registered for. For each, you must include the orderid and the date you purchased the class.

      You have to list each and every one of those orders, without editorial. At this point you have signed up for so many things, you have used up your code: this is no one’s fault but your own.

      If you give us a full and complete account with all the details we have asked for, then we can review the issue and see how we can help you.

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      Order # 552666 Foundations March 4th $0
      Order # 591712 October 29th Som Smackdown $81 paid
      Order # 562867 May 28th intermediate
      Order # 552930 March 6tu core program $0
      Order # 051494 Feb 28 complete $212.00
      Order # 566218 MAster of American wine $0

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      Robert Rinaldi


      Any traction on this?

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      Both Philip and I have been trying to help you, but you continue to work against us: All we needed from you was an honest and complete accounting of what classes and courses you have registered for. You are clearly omitting classes and courses in your list. Since you refuse to give a fair accounting of your actions, I don’t see how we can continue to give you a higher level of assistance than we do for anyone else. It is not fair to our other students.

      I really wanted to give you extra help, but you’ve made it impossible. Moving forward, you’ll need to follow the protocols all students do.

      If you have signed up for a two-hour class you can no longer attend, you will need to use the reschedule request form (if you have premium or insured tickets):

      As for academic courses, here are the terms.

      Course Rescheduling
      If a student cannot attend a course, they must notify us at least thirty (30) in advance prior to the start date. With due notice, the student has the following options: first, transfer the registration to another person approved in advance by the Wine School; second, receive a non-refundable credit on account which can be applied toward another course. At the discretion of the school, reasonable administrative costs may be deducted from the total credit.

      If a student does not give thirty days notice, a school administrator may offer a refund, at the administrator’s sole discretion. The total of any refund will be no great than 25% of tuition paid, minus any class fees and reasonable administrative costs.

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      Robert Rinaldi

      What incentive is there to Omit course history??
      why would I work against you when I came here for a solution?
      Sincerely baffled by your portrayal.

      are we completely ruling out there could be some other kind of error on the back end here???

      I am sincerely and genuinely confused.

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      Can you meet with Keith at 2:45 pm on Sunday to discuss this matter?

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      I’m just following up since we haven’t heard from you. Thanks, PB

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      Robert Rinaldi

      I am more than happy to meet with Keith and get this matter resolved.

      Thank you for following up and have a great weekend.

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      Okay, that’s great. Please ring the doorbell at 2:45 pm if it is not open.


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      To follow up on the brief meeting with Keith on Sunday
      First of all I want to say Thank you a million times over for bring your deep rooted passion and vast knowledge to students like myself. We are lucky to have the Wine School and that I appreciate every day that I get to come here to learn and grow as a student and person.

      for starters,
      We know now in January 2020. The very first course I had ever registered for was mistakenly used twice for the same course —- MY FAULT. This was not known by ANYONE until now, January, 2020. The course was taken in March,2019..RESPECTFULLY, I kindly and sincerely wish to know where Oversight was. Why nobody on the backend or classroom or myself failed to realize this error. Where is the policy written for double booking?
      Since this is the first time a situation has ever happened ( your words) what is being done moving forward for other new students like myself to prevent this from happening?

      My goal in bringing light to this is that we together we can learn and grow moving forward.

      please understand
      how much It pains me to write this Now knowing the trouble, frustration, and valuable time it took getting to the root cause of the issues occurring on my account. I appreciate you taking the time to not only look into this matter but to see and explain this too me as well

      On a side note.
      referring back to my original post on January 14th at 11:35 am reply #610052 – The same issue is occurring.
      When “add to cart” is clicked it redirects me to the cart and “cart empty”. I click on any open course it is the same issue – while making sure next to the # of tickets tab that I have +1 ticket selected and then add it to the cart – the page then will redirect me to checkout but show as “cart Empty” this is hindering me from registering for upcoming courses.
      Upcoming courses tab needs to be updated to reflect the cancelation of Master of Wine Sonoma.
      I canceled this in early December, per conversation this was to be cleared.

      Kindly Advise if there is anything required on my end.
      All the Best, Rob

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      To recap our conversations. These were covered in our two conversations and from previous forum posts. To be clear: these are the core conclusions and are not points of argument or compromise.

      • You need to participate in classes moving forward. That means not sitting in back of the classroom.
      I may request to view your notes on classes, to verify you are doing the work required.
      • Before registering for a course, you will need to verify it with us beforehand.
      This is mandatory since in the past you have signed up for multiple courses that you could not attend.
      • We gave you a list of all the classes you have signed up. I went over line-by-line what you are financially responsible for.
      • While I will try to help you, it is your responsibility to double-check your own work and complete projects to the fullest. You are ultimately responsible for your own outcomes.

      If you can work within these confines, we can have a future conversation (several semesters from now, after the winemaking program) about whether or not the school could take on some of the financial burdens your actions have created.

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