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      Stephen Eckes

      Hi Keith, I have written you several messages over the last couple of days and my girlfriend has messaged you on Facebook messenger with regards to tonight’s class. We received this as a Xmas gift from Kristine Felix and will be unable to attend due to life threatening medical issue that occurred within the week. We are asking if we can reschedule this class and have not received any reply. Thank you.

      Stephen Eckes
      Former student

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      Sorry to hear that. First I heard about this issue. I haven’t seen a post on this forum or a reschedule request.

      Here’s the link to reschedule:

      Please read the details, as there are terms for rescheduling.



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      Stephen Eckes

      Keith…I had already looked at that link and we have discounted tickets. So I’m assuming we have no options available to us as the site says discounted tickets cannot be rescheduled?

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      That is correct. Per the terms, we strongly recommend not giving discount seats as gifts (for this very reason). That said, there is a link on the reschedule page to upgrade those seats if you want.

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