The Proof is in the Nose!

A new study bolsters the science behind our Wine Foundation Program.

The January Issue of the peer-reviewed science journal Nature Neuroscience has published an article entitled “Mechanisms of scent-tracking in humans.”

Until now, the common belief within the scientific community was that humans had a poor sense of smell. The article submits evidence that people can track scents through an open field like a bloodhound.

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From the article:

“We assessed this in humans and found that (i) humans can scent-track, (ii) they improve with practice, (iii) the human nostrils sample spatially distinct regions separated by ~3.5 cm and, critically, (iv) scent-tracking is aided by inter-nostril comparisons. These findings reveal fundamental mechanisms of scent-tracking and suggest that the poor reputation of human olfaction may reflect, in part, behavioral demands rather than ultimate abilities. “

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