Tech Support

Our online systems are secure and modern, which means your systems must be, too. That requires that your system is up to date and secure.

  • Your internet browser must be up to date. Make sure you  are using the latest versions of Firefox, Safari or Chrome. We also support  Internet Explorer 9 and above.  We do not support Internet Explorer 6,  7, or 8.
  • Clear your internet cache of files and images.  If you do not know how to do this, simple search the web for “Clear Your Browser’s Cache”

Where is my online course?

Your online course is located in two places: and

If you do not see your classes posted under active or completed classes, there may be several causes.

  1. Are you logged into the system?
  2. Are you logged into  the same account you used to purchase the program?
  3. Did you purchase the professional National Wine School upgrade?


1. Have a new password sent to you via email:

2. Clear the cache

3. Follow the directions to change your password.

4. Check your account at

5. Confirm that the wine course is visible under the “Wine Certification” tab.

6. If the course isn’t available under that tab, click on “My Account” and scroll down to “Recent Orders”

7. Locate your order for  a “Pro Certification” upgrade.  Record the order number.

8. Post the order number on the support forum: and request help.

9. If you don’t have an order number, then there are two likely reasons

  • You didn’t upgrade to Pro status
  • You created two accounts, and are logged into the wrong one.


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