Keith Wallace

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Phone Support is Going Away

And That’s a Good Thing For You

This is not customer support. If you are in need of help, please do not leave a comment on this article. It will not be seen or responded to. Customer support is located at

I’m the guy who looks at all of your questions in our customer support forum. Whether you need help with your job resume, or have a question about bottling limits or just need help with a gift certificate, I can help.

Call Me Maybe

Sometimes people wonder why they have to post online just to ask a simple question. Wouldn’t it be easier to discuss this on the phone?

Not for someone like me. I just don’t have the knack for it. Plus it takes me away from what I do best: developing unique classes and programs that just don’t exist anywhere else.

The Digits

If I hired an admin to take on fielding phone calls, our prices would have to rise dramatically to cover that overhead. As it is, we maintain a spartan operation that keeps prices reasonable and more or less consistent from year to year.

So, there’s a financial benefit to our customer. But there’s more.

Got My Eye

When you ask a question, I’ll review it personally. Not only that, you can read my responses to similar questions. If you want to post a complaint, I’ll even post your review of the Wine School so anyone can read it. We explain this in our Terms & Conditions during checkout and in our FAQ. That’s as honest and transparent as it gets.

Long Distance

The School has now been around for 15 years. It wouldn’t exist without all of the wonderful folks who support the School. For that reason, I hate saying no when someone asks something of me. But on this point, it’s simply unavoidable.

Thank you for taking the time to read my explanation. I look forward to seeing you at the School soon.


Keith Wallace

Wine School of Philadelphia

This should be obvious, but this post is not customer support. Posting in the comments will not get you the respponse you are hoping for.