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Keith Wallace
Yep, that’s me.

Phone Support is Going Away

And That’s a Good Thing For You

[box type=”info”] This is not customer support. If you are in need of help, please do not leave a comment on this article. It will not be seen or responded to. Customer support is located at https://www.vinology.com/wine-knowledge[/box]

I’m the guy who looks at all of your questions in our customer support forum. Whether you need help with your job resume, or have a question about bottling limits or just need help with a gift certificate, I can help.

Call Me Maybe

Sometimes people wonder why they have to post online just to ask a simple question. Wouldn’t it be easier to discuss this on the phone?

Not for someone like me. I just don’t have the knack for it. Plus it takes me away from what I do best: developing unique classes and programs that just don’t exist anywhere else.

The Digits

If I hired an admin to take on fielding phone calls, our prices would have to rise dramatically to cover that overhead. As it is, we maintain a spartan operation that keeps prices reasonable and more or less consistent from year to year.

So, there’s a financial benefit to our customer. But there’s more.

Got My Eye

When you ask a question, I’ll review it personally. Not only that, you can read my responses to similar questions. If you want to post a complaint, I’ll even post your review of the Wine School so anyone can read it. We explain this in our Terms & Conditions during checkout and in our FAQ. That’s as honest and transparent as it gets.

Long Distance

The School has now been around for 15 years. It wouldn’t exist without all of the wonderful folks who support the School. For that reason, I hate saying no when someone asks something of me. But on this point, it’s simply unavoidable.

Thank you for taking the time to read my explanation. I look forward to seeing you at the School soon.


Keith Wallace

Wine School of Philadelphia

This should be obvious, but this post is not customer support. Posting in the comments will not get you the respponse you are hoping for.

36 thoughts on “Talking With Keith”

  1. Good Afternoon,

    I would like to inquire regarding hosting a wine making, tasting, or pairing class for military officers and employees on the Naval Support Activity base in Philadelphia. Can you forward information on how to book such an event and how much pp. Thank in advance and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. Please – I need to talk to someone (I cannot find a way to communicate with a person on your website). My number is listed in my account. I rescheduled a class and used the correct codes, but I was not charged the correct amount. Order # 573862 . Please contact me. Thank you.

  3. I purchased tickets for the Spain vs. France class on Saturday, June 1st. However, we were just informed of an unexpected family matter that will no longer allow us to attend the class on that evening. I found the page on your website to purchase insurance after the fact to change our tickets. However, I am having trouble finding a class that is not sold out to attend instead. We are moving out of the country in July so we are trying to find a class before then. We are looking for any general class (101, region specific, etc.) that would be good for beginners to attend. Are you able to let us know if any classes that are currently sold out open up due to other cancellations? Thank you!

  4. I will be attending the core wine program this spring semester. Is there any reading material I should purchase (or you simply recommend) before the class?

  5. I have gotten several emails to confirm class. I have tried emailing back, writing in this area only for it to disappear with no response and no link from email. Why can’t anybody get back to me with an email confirming my continued trying to get back to you to confirm in your only available options?

    • For two simple reasons:
      1. You have yet to go to customer support. There are two links on every page to get to customer support. On this page there is a third link: a huge yellow banner at the top of the page.

      2. The email you received does not require you to click a link. It simply states “If these details are incorrect, please contact us immediately via our customer support forum at http://www.vinology.com/wine-knowledge

  6. URGENT – We are holding my wife’s 50th birthday party tonight. It is a wine tasting and pairing event. Our sommelier who we booked just notified us that he had an emergency and cannot make it. Someone suggested that we reach out to you to see if you can recommend/hook us up with a substitute. If so, can someone PLEASE call us at either 917.658.7003 or 215.287.9843?

  7. We are heading to New York City this weekend and looking for recommendations for wine stores in the city. We are big riesling fans and rarely sound over $30 a bottle. Appreciate any advice that you have. Also, love your classes!

  8. Hello Keith,

    I hope this message finds you well. It’s been some time since we spoke. You may or may not remember me but I was the Corporate Chef from Campbells whom took a class with you. I’ve moved on from Campbells and I’m now director of a culinary school in Ohio.

    I’m writing as I’ve misplaced my certificates from my classes with you and was wondering if you could get me replacements?

    [email protected]

  9. I would love to be put on the waitlist for the November 17th beer brewing program. (2 spots)

  10. I am interested in taking the core course and want to make sure it would be appropriate for someone who is a wine enthusiast (not an expert by a long shot) but not in the industry but may want to use the knowledge for a future endeavor.

  11. My husband bought me a Christmas gift certificate for us to attend your wine class. He is in the Army Reserves and was called to duty the weekend he reserved. He has been trying to reschedule the class but no one has responded to his inquiries. The class is coming up this weekend. He send out two emails, one on 01/15/2018 the most recent one last week (02/9 or 10) on line! Can someone call or respond or just give us a refund because I am complete unhappy with your customer service.

  12. When will the next round of classes be released? I saw several classes I liked but they were sold out so I would like to be more pro-active with the next round of classes! Thank you.

  13. Hi, I’m trying to buy 2 tickets for upcoming Exotic wine tasting on 12/27 at 7:30, but keep getting error. It says 6 seats are available. Friends of ours purchased 2 seats last night, but we are going together, so I really need to get 2 seats before they sell out. Can you please advise ASAP?
    Thanks for your help!

  14. Hey Keith. I am not seeing a reply to the rum class question. Please advise when this will be in 2018 or if it will not be one the schedule.

  15. Trying to order the core course with certification as a gift for my wife, do I do this in her name when ordering or mine?

    I don’t see the option for insurance, don’t see the cost or details. Looking to book for winter session.

    Please advise.

    Tim Collins 215-692-4748

    • I have a similar question. I want to purchase a gift certificate for my son in law. Where to do I add his name when making the purchase? Is there a way to e-mail the certificate to him.

      Thank you.

  16. Keith:
    I really enjoyed the Core Program this summer. I learned more in a week than in the past 5 years studying on my own. I am looking forward to taking level IV classes in the winter & spring. One question; I got my diplomas, but never received my sommelier pin (which would look good on my bartender vest). Is it being sent separate or was it maybe an oversight? Thanks!

  17. Hello Keith!!
    Kenny here, I just wanted to thank you guys for everything and all you taught me. I’m currently working as a sous chef for the michael mina restaurant group in St. Petersburg fl. I’ve been getting into their wine program here we do Italian food so I’ve been emersing myself into Italian wines. Its called locale market and farm table kitchen.

    Thanks for everything! Kenneth Rankins

  18. A friend told me has a bottle of 1986 Clos L’Eglise. The questions are: what is it worth and is it past its prime? He didn’t store it chilled, but kept it out of light. Current vintage goes for $70 on TW website. 1986 was a late rainy fall in Pomerol. Parker rated more recent Clos L’Eglises in mid 90s point – wise… What’s your take? – Jackie Cumo

    • Jackie!

      $70-$110 is in the ballpark for that wine. The ’86 was an overhyped vintage, but this bottle held up well. Keep in mind that Clos L’Eglise really wasn’t putting out stellar wines until the late 90’s. This will be old school, classical Bordeaux.

      I wouldn’t expect to be able to sell it, though. If it hasn’t been stored correctly, then there will be a very high chance the wine has succumbed to it’s age.


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