Support the Wine School During the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Well, this was unexpected” is probably the understatement of the century. For us, the most unexpected element of our communal tragedy is how many people want to help.

We are humbled by your support.  We probably shouldn’t be surprised, though: Philadelphians are loyal and resilient people.  If you are inclined to support your local wine school (that would be us) here are three ways to help out.

Buy a Gift Certificate.  This is a win-win option. You can even schedule to send gift certificates so they are sent in time for any holiday. Holiday cheer, anyone? We all are going to need it.

Fund Ongoing Programming. We are hard at work to create online programs, a new podcast, and new avenues to support our students.  We are not a charity, so this donation is not tax-deductible. It will, however, greatly appreciated.  For $5 every other week, you can keep the school humming along.

Become a Wine School Ambassador.  Need a side hustle? Our new Ambassador program pays you to promote the Wine School. This is more of a mutual benefit relationship since we are paying our Ambassadors up to 45% of all proceeds:

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