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Frequently Ask Questions

Is there a waitlist for classes?

If seats open up to a sold-out class, we will post those seats on our facebook page

Do you offer private events?

We offer a range of options for private events and  classes. For details, please refer to our events page

What type of tickets do you offer?

Premium Insured tickets allow you to reschedule a class up to 48 hours before class, and you get our Sommelier Tasting Kit.
Insured tickets come with Standard Insurance, which allows you to reschedule a class two weeks before the start of class. 
Discount tickets do not come with insurance and cannot be rescheduled for any reason.  However, they can be transferred to another person. 

Can I give a wine class as a gift?

We recommend sending a gift certificate, as they make for a perfect gift.  However, if you prefer to purchase seats to a class, we strongly recommend opting for Insured or Premium seats.  Here is a gift card you can fill out, too. 

What is the Sommelier Tasting Kit?

The sommelier tasting kit includes glassware, tasting mat, wine notebook, pen, corkscrew, and a custom BYO bag. The full kit can be seen here:

What time is my class? Where is it held?

All classes are held in our Rittenhouse classroom at 109 S. 22nd Street in Philadelphia. Class details can be found on your emailed receipt, in your account. Doors open 15 minutes ahead of class. Please be on time! The School is within walking distance of both 30th Street Station and Suburban Station. Taxis and ride-sharing options are plentiful in the neighborhood.

Where is my ticket?

We do not issue tickets. The purchaser will receive an electronic receipt with all class information on it. It is also viewable in your account.

What’s a class like?

It’s educational and informative, not to mention fun! This is not an uptight environment. Casual dress is fine. Whether you are a master sommelier or a wine newbie, you will have an educational and enjoyable evening.

Is there food served in class?

Food is available in classes when specified in the class description. When food is included in a class, it is not intended as a substitute for a full meal. Outside food is not permitted in our classrooms. If the class is a wine, beer or spirits tasting, and you are concerned about drinking on an empty stomach, we recommend having a snack beforehand.

Where is my gift certificate?

Gift certificates are automatically emailed out upon purchase. You can choose to have the gift certificate emailed to you or the gift recipient. We do not mail gift certificates out via post.

I want to print out a gift certificate.

You can fill out and print this gift certificate form.  For the gift to be valid, you must copy and paste the gift certificate code into the “Gift Code” box.  Please see the below question for why this is critical.

My gift certificate doesn’t work.

This typically happens when the gift certificate form is filled out incorrectly. The gift-giver may have inadvertently plugged in an order number, or transcribed the gift code incorrectly.   We can resolve this issue for you if you provide us the purchaser’s name and the gift code you received on our customer support forum at the bottom of this page. Please note you will be posting on an open forum, so please do not include any sensitive information.
The other possibility is you are trying to use multiple gift certificates or trying to apply a coupon code. Our system can only process one gift certificate or coupon per order.

I have a reschedule code, how do I use it?

Reschedule codes work exactly like gift certificates.

I have Discount Tickets, what are my options?

These tickets have several restrictions, one of which is that they cannot be rescheduled. You have two options: you can gift them to another person or you can purchase Ticket Insurance via this link.  More information on Discount Tickets

I don’t know what type of tickets I have.

If you are the purchaser, you can review the type of tickets you have in your account.

I don’t know what type of tickets I have, and I didn’t purchase the tickets.

The individual who purchased the tickets will have this information in their account.

I am pregnant, what do I do?

A special note if you are expecting: Pregnant women can, and do, attend our classes. Of course, that decision is entirely up to you. If you have purchased ticket insurance and would prefer not to attend, it’s no problem to reschedule to a future date. Simply follow our protocol for rescheduling as described on this page.

The weather is terrible, will my class be canceled?

We always try to make the best decision under the circumstances. We have the utmost concern for the safety of our students and instructors. We provide a minimum of 24 hours notice in the event of a weather-related cancellation. An email will be sent to the address we have on file for the purchaser. If we cancel a class, we will issue you a gift certificate for the value of the class. This can be used like any other gift certificate, and will never expire.

I am sick and cannot attend the class. 

If you have Premium or Insured tickets, you can reschedule your class. If you have discount seats, you can upgrade using this form.

How is the parking? Can I take public transportation?

We have a map of Rittenhouse with the top parking spots, dining suggestions, and much more: Map and Directions Page.

What We Do

We have been named the “Best Wine School in America” award by SOMM and hailed as the “Best in Philly”  by Philadelphia Magazine.  We offer world-class education in all things fermented, right here in Philly.

We offer wine courses that range from the single-semester Core Wine Course to a three year wine diploma program. Our programs are backed by the National Wine School (NWS) in California. These programs included winemaking, teacher training, Food & Wine Scholar programs, and many more.

We offer a wide range of wine classes, taught by the best sommelier-instructors on the East Coast. These classes range from our Wine 101 series of wine classes to our high-end series of luxury wine tastings. 

Our sister school, the Philly Beer School, offers brewing programs and beer tasting classes. Philly Magazine is on the record saying the Philly Beer School is the “Best Adult Education” in town. We are a bit jealous, to be honest.

Ever since our cookbook hit the bestsellers list, we have offered cooking and wine pairing classes. Always one of our most popular offerings, we suggest registering early!

Our  spirits & cocktail classes are amazing. Our master distiller loves teaching them, and people really love learning about booze. From Bourbon to Mixology, we have a wide range of options for you.

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