Spirits & Cocktail Classes

 Rare and beautiful spirits are some of our favorite things.  We love to unearth them, age them, consider them, and then… craft classes around them.  A rare 40-year-old rum from Venezuela? A Japanese whiskey aged in Mizunara barrels? A century-old Armagnac?   The only bottle of pre-prohibition Philadelphia Rye?  You never know what we have in store for you.

Upcoming Spirits and Cocktail Classes

These are cocktail classes that will inspire the next generation of boozehounds. Keith & Co have managed to distill science and pleasure in equal measures.

Is there a Philly spirits scene without the Wine School? They have influenced the way people drink, write, and think about intoxicants. A brilliant program of classes, and serious fun to boot.

The Wine School has changed how Philadelphia think about spirits. Their creative and innovative classes —with great spirits and some serious how-to cocktail magic– are an evening you will not soon forget

Mixology Classes in Philadelphia

A Selection of Our Spirits and Cocktail Classes

We offer over thirty spirit and cocktail classes every year. But, as you may know, they sell out fast. After all, our instructors are also top-notch distillers. Therefore, we recommend registering at least two months ahead of schedule.

Luxury Tequila & Cocktails

Small production Tequila and Mezcal, smart cocktails, a dose of history, and a journey down south. There is so much more to Tequila and Mezcal than you could ever imagine.  

Imbibe! The Whiskey & Cocktail Class

Bourbon, Scotch, Rye, Single Malt, Single Grain, Irish, Kentucky, Single Pot, Japanese: there are hundreds of types of whiskey in the world. We run our whiskey tasting class once a month, and we will never teach the same class twice.

Whiskey & Bourbon Tasting Classes

Bourbon, Barrels, and Booze

All hail the barrel, specifically the white oak cooperage with a deep char toast. All our favorite Bourbons, rums, Cognacs, and añejo Tequilas are aged in these barrels. This class is devoted to the amazing oak-aged spirits as well as barrelled cocktails.

Vintage Spirits and Cocktail Classes

Curious about the spirits and cocktails of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries? In this class, we unearth the classics and show you spirits you didn’t know still existed. This is the class to uncover the rare spirits and cocktails of another era.

Cocktail Making Classes

Luxury Rum Class

Take a ride without though the Caribbean and South America. Instead, we scour the most remote distilleries  –from Jamaica to Venezuela, from Haiti to Barbados– to discover the best rums in the world. This is the class that will change your mind about Rum.

Bourbon, Beef and Beer

Three of our favorite things. In this class, we join forces with the Philly Beer School and the Cooking Classroom to bring you an utterly delicious class. Learn the ins and outs of beer and spirits pairing, along with a cooking demonstration.

Drinkable History

In this class, we delve deep into the alcohol-drenched history of the world.  From the Stone Age to the American War of Independence, this class allows you to drink through history in a way you never thought possible.

About our Spirit and Cocktail Classes

The first and only series of classes that introduce you to classic spirits and new cocktails.  The cocktail classes at the Wine School of Philadelphia are nothing short of top-shelf.

The most important, influential, and oft-imitated Wine School has taken the contemporary craft cocktail movement by storm. Since their debut in 2009, these classes are a must-attend for spirit lovers and cocktail enthusiasts.  Boasting a supremely talented and brilliant set of professors, the Wine School’s spirit program is also the birthplace of some of Philly’s most innovative cocktails. Often the only people to have access to the recipes are those who attended the class.

Destined to be one of your favorite places to spend an evening, the Wine School features several dozen spirits and cocktail classes.  The school offers a complete spirits education, hands-on cocktail crafting, and the history and philosophy behind the spirits and cocktails being tasted.

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