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If you are attending an academic program at the Wine School of Philadelphia or the Philly Beer School, this is your home page. The student forum on this page is for our program students.

If you are looking to become a student in one of our programs, please click the  “Course Calendar” button below. For in-depth details on our programs, please click the “Diploma Details” button. To talk with a sommelier-instructor or one of the directors, select “Questions & Advice”.

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  1. All exams were graded and certificates sent out within two weeks of exams. If you didn’t get your, then what I really needed a response on the forum so we could find out what went wrong. Posting here is just going to increase your frustration, as there is zero I can do without being able to track the forum posts.

  2. Why does my page say that I’m incomplete when I’ve finished all requirements with a passing grade. I’ve been waiting to receive my certificate so I can take it to my boss and get reimbursed. I planned on continuing my education. This is frustrating as I took the class over a month ago

      • I did, but not that one, must be another James. I had asked last week about the coupon code xsummer. I tried to enter it and said was expired. This is not my question.

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