Well, it eventually had to happen, didn’t it? Our fearless leader FINALLY got hitched! The lucky (not sure if that’s the right word…) lady is Alana.

Alana was a Washington, DC lawyer who worked in human rights law. However, after meeting Keith she moved to Philly, earned her Sommelier certification, and started working at the Wine School. We are lucky to have her. Really lucky. Sommelier-Lawyers are pretty hard to come by.

Keith & Alana were married on Sunday, August 28th, just as the hurricane died down. They left the next day. However, it wasn’t for their honeymoon. Nope, it was for a working trip to Rioja Spain. Of course, for the rest of us, meeting with worldclass winemakers to drink their wine and talk shop would be an amazing vacation… sigh.

Cheers to the happy couple!


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The Book has Arrived

Corked & Forked: The Books is Here!

Pick up your copy today! Bring it to class and have it signed by Keith Wallace, our fearless leader!

Eric Arnold, author of First Big Crush: The Down and Dirty on Making Great Wine Down Under
“I own two types of cookbooks: Those that are dog-eared and adorned with spills, splashes and burns, and those that barely have the spine cracked. Corked & Forked is sure to be in the splashed-and-burned category. This is the first useful, smart, thoughtful guide to food and drink that I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks to Wallace, we’ll all be overweight and drunk in no time.”

Benjamin Wallace, author of The Billionaire’s Vinegar
“Here, finally, is a book that puts wine in its proper place, showcasing it not in sterile isolation but as food’s boon companion. I want to make a ridiculous number of Keith Wallace’s recipes, and when I do, I’ll know just what to drink with them.”

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Wine Reviews

The best wines available in Pennsylvania, as tasted by our Fearless Leader.

To find these wines near you, use our Wine Finder.

Important Note

As many of you know, our Fearless Leader has been leading the charge for privatization of wine sales in Pennsylvania. One of the ugly truths that has come out is that the PLCB was storing wine in very bad conditions in Philadelphia this summer.

If you taste a wine that you think is damaged, make sure to return it to a PLCB wine & spirits shop. By law, they are obliged to accept it and offer, at the minimum, store credit.

Great Under $10 Finds

These are the two best values in the PLCB stores at this point.

Durbanville Hills 2010 Sauvignon Blanc $6.99
Marquis Philips 2008 Grenache $6.99

The Durbanville is a very classic Sauvignon Blanc with an intense nose of wet lawn and quince. The Philips Grenache, on the other hand is a fruit bomb of the first order. Both of these wines were crafted to be luxury wines, and cleary should not be priced at under $7.

Good Value Bordeaux

It’s been about five years since the last time I wrote that heading.Good value Bordeaux dissapeared from the marketplace about five years ago: the budding wine culture of China and a near perfect vintage in 2005 pretty much guaranteed that Bordeaux would never be affordable again.

Personally, I am glad to see I was wrong!

Chateau du Bousquet 2006 Côtes de Bourg $10.99
Chateau Barreyres 2006 Haut Medoc $12.99

These two are very good examples of modern Bordeaux winemaking: classic flavors married with new oak and pronounced fruit notes. The Medoc is a particularly good value.

Monster Ball Reds

If you have a taste for –or want a taste of– a cult wine, then these bruisers are for you. FYI: These are the type of wines we will be opening for our Monster Ball class coming up in October.

  • Clarendon Hills 2005 Grenache Clarendon Hills Vyd. $29.99
  • Two Hands 2005 Harry & Edwards Garden Shiraz $29.99

These are two favorites for wine collectors, so it’s rare to see them discounted. The expected price point on these two gems is double what the PLCB is asking for.

Luxury Burgundy

These are great values for Burgundy. One caveat, though: we strongly suggest you take our Burgundy class before trying to buy wines from this region without assistance.

  • Domaine Pierre Morey 2006 Meursault Les Tessons $54.99
  • Louis Latour 2007 Gevrey Chambertin $29.99

The Latour is very accessible, as their wines almost always are. The Morey is a profoundly luminous Mersault.