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I received as a gift tickets to a class in 2016. We submitted the form to reschedule the class, but have since misplaced that original rescheduling correspondence. First, is it possible to r| more ...
  • Amy asked 17 hours ago
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2/22/18 forum post: In a correspondence a day or so ago I stated that I was attempting to reschedule. You stated a code was sent to the email address in your records sometime in January. We | more ...
  • Scott asked 2 days ago
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Hi Keith, I bought a friend a class voucher for Wine 101: Learn About Wine on February 23rd 7:30 pm. Our only problem with the Friday is that I would like to go too! The ticket is movable, b| more ...
  • Linda asked 4 days ago
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First something straightforward: I am missing the next class (on 4/23, it’s the smell lab and the Italy class). I bought the class insurance. When I was talking with Elana and another | more ...
  • Nicholas asked 11 months ago
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Hi! I’ll be missing class on 3/23 and I’m enrolled in the Core Wine Program. I would also like to reschedule the class as I have purchased class insurance. Thanks! Adele | more ...
  • Adele asked 11 months ago
  • last active 10 months ago
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Hi Keith, Phillip, I missed last week’s class, 2/26/17, and I will be missing today’s class as well, 3/5/17, because I’m stuck in Chicago taking care of a personal and urge| more ...
  • Tristan asked 12 months ago
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Dear Wine School, I recently received a reschedule code after my class was cancelled due to snow. I have looked at the classes available, and of the ones I can attend none of them are worth| more ...
  • Zach asked 1 year ago
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Hello, I bought tickets a few weeks ago for Beer 101 as a surprise gift for my boyfriend for his birthday. However, his mother just called yesterday, having decided to have him fly home that| more ...
  • Emma Kofmehl asked 4 years ago
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Hi, If I am unable to attend is it possible to get a refund? | more ...
  • Jason asked 4 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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