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I signed up for core wine class that starts on March 10. I won’t be able to attend the first session on March 10 due to flight delay from overseas. Possible to make this up somehow? | more ...
  • zylu07 asked 4 months ago
  • last active 4 months ago
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Picking up beer from class + sitting in on fermentation lecture: Hi, my name is Eric Johnson. I was in the October 6th beer brewing class (Toni Wei, my girlfriend, registered me), but I was | more ...
  • Eric Johnson asked 8 months ago
  • last active 8 months ago
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First something straightforward: I am missing the next class (on 4/23, it’s the smell lab and the Italy class). I bought the class insurance. When I was talking with Elana and another | more ...
  • Nicholas asked 2 years ago
  • last active 2 years ago
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I am in the Core Class this semester. I have to miss the class on April 17th. Could you arrange for me to get a few minutes before class on May 1st with Keith and Alana to review what I wi| more ...
  • Stephen asked 3 years ago
  • last active 3 years ago
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Hello and Happy New Year! Is there a chance of a second section of Old World Essentials being added on a separate night (i.e. Wednesday) like you did with Northern France ? If there is only | more ...
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