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Dear Keith,
I am a former student and I have taking the core classes a few years ago. When I was done the class school offered a trip to Europe unfortunately my circumstances do not permit me to go. I understand this year the school is going to Tuscany. My circumstances have changed and if it’s at all possible I would like to go very much. If you could please email me back to let me know if this is possible along with any information I might need for the trip.
Thank you very much for your time it is greatly appreciated look forward to hearing from you. Jay Vassalo

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Hi Jay,

Thanks for your interest in attending a trip with the Wine School.

While we had many great experiences in the past, unfortunately we have chosen to discontinue the program until further notice. This is as a result of the extremely poor behavior by certain members of our group last year.

In the future we may be able to determine a better selection process that would weed out such problems in advance, but until then, we cannot take the risk to our reputation in the industry.

I’m sorry that I didn’t have better information for you. Hopefully you can join us again for a course soon.


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Hey Jay,

Phil is right. We had a group of four that were so terrible in Priorat that I can’t see doing another trip in the foreseeable future.

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